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Sub-Floor Lowering Kit

Sub-Floor Lowering Kit


With the HYDRO-BLOK floor lowering kit and HYDRO-BLOK Single Slope Shower Pans, your shower area can be set up for a barrier free installation in no time at all. Floor lowering clips allow the subfloor to be installed flush with the joists to allow barrier-free entry to your shower.

Quickly lower your subfloor for a low profile, curbless, ADA, or barrier free shower
• One kit recesses up to 24 sq ft
• Perfect for I-Joists or dimensional lumber because brackets attach to the top chord of joists and studs at parallel walls
• Wall brackets can be modified for different situations
• Achieves L/360 or better  deflection rating with a live load of 40 PSF and dead load of 20 PSF
Subfloor Lowering Kit Includes:
• 15 Joist Brackets
• 6 Wall Brackets
• 81 Wood Screws
• 36 Joist Hanger Nails
Max Bracket Spacing 36” OC 2×4’s, subflooring & subfloor adhesive not included

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