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We charge by the square foot and that price includes the material, the fabrication work (including cutting and polishing), the templating process, and the installation. We are happy to provide quotes at no charge or obligation.

For the most accurate quote, we ask that you send us the cabinet layout, the type of sink you are planning on using and stove or cook top information. If possible, show on your drawing any areas that have more than a 1 ½ “ overhang and areas that require backsplash. We can give you a price in three ranges, which cover 90% of the colors we carry. We also carry nearly 1,000 remnants that can be used on smaller projects at a substantial savings.

First of all, Corian is a leading brand name and, along with several other name brand solid surfaces, is man-made. For the most part they are made with plastics and polyester resin-like materials. They have particulates added to simulate a “stone-like” look. The advantage of an engineered solid surface is that it is consistent in pattern and color and because this material can be melt together, it has no visible seams.

Most scratches, cuts, or stains in the surface can be sanded out and it is difficult to stain. One disadvantage, aside from lacking natural beauty and depth, is that in order to maintain a uniform surface a mild abrasive cleanser is needed to get rid of scratches and the whole countertop needs to be polished, not just the scratched area, or over time you will have an uneven “wavy” counter.

Another inconvenience is that hot pans or heat-radiating appliances like electric griddles or toaster ovens cannot be used on the solid surface material without the risk of scorching, or in some cases cracking, the surface.

  • Granite is an all-natural material.
  • It is real stone.
  • It has a rich, unique, durable beauty that sells itself.
  • Granite is virtually impossible to scratch under everyday kitchen use.
  • Granite is very stain resistant when it is polished and sealed properly.
  • You can place hot pans (up to 1200 degrees) on granite and not worry about heat damage.
  • Granite is an excellent surface for baking and rolling out pastry dough.
  • Granite is by far the most durable material you can use for your kitchen countertops.

All other solid surfaces are trying to simulate natural stone as closely as they can. Granite will never be purchased because it has a look that is very similar to a plastic-looking Corian color. The fact that Corian manufacturers try to make their product look like granite indicates which product is most desired.

Due to the size limitations of the granite blocks quarried, you may have to live with a seam or two in some kitchens. However, the pattern is natural and you will see some interesting formations in many of the 600 or more readily available colors.

Granite counters will clearly add the most value to your home. For pure aesthetic beauty, a man-made solid surface does not come close to the richness, depth, luster quality of granite.

The beauty and permanence of granite will always sell itself. We depend on customers knowing what they want, not being steered by tremendous advertising budgets or commission-driven sales people.

All granite and marble are natural stone products that are not man made; therefore they include natural variation in color and veining patterns. Natural stones are formed from the intense pressures & high temperatures within the earth. During this process other minerals are introduced into the structure, which produce beautiful colors and veining that characterize the stone.

Signature Granite/Signature Interior Expressions cannot control or be held responsible for color variations, color inconsistencies, or veining after installation is complete.

We ask that each customer look their counters over and we give them 7 days to pay their final balance after installation.

If you find something that you think needs addressed even after you have paid your final balance, Signature Granite will perform service calls at no charge with-in the first 30 days.  After the 30 days, there will be an additional $200 per service call. Signature Granite does not guarantee we will be able to perform the service call requested.

Caring for and maintaining countertops can be challenging. We’re here to help.

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